When is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator?

When is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator?

So you have been wanting to get that decoration project underway for a while now, but you are not sure what time of the year is best to hire an Interior Decorator. Let’s take a look at the deciding factors to see when is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator.

When do you want the project to be complete?

Working backwards, we can identify when you need to start the project. Generally everyone wants their project completed by Christmas, regardless of what month we are talking about starting. There is no greater feeling than having a brand new fully decorated home to celebrate Christmas with Family and Friends. What better time of the year to enjoy a break from work surrounded by your freshly furnished home.

Lead times for furniture can vary greatly between suppliers. While it is possible to source an entire room with in stock pieces, it can also alter the design in a not so great way. Allow at least 3 months for delivery of furniture items to ensure the design is not compromised. 

Workrooms will often have order cut off dates for the year as early as October to get the item into production. Lead times for fabric also need to be factored in before that. This means you should engage an interior decorator a few months before October to meet the latest of deadlines for your Christmas dream.

When is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator?

Warmer months are busier.

When the weather warms up, it seems that everyone is out and about more. People are more likely to host friends and families at their place. In the spring and Summer seasons, people are more likely to engage an Interior Decorator as they are focused on entertaining in their homes. They want to have the perfect space for hosting brunches and dinner parties. For this reason Interior Decorators are often fully booked for the Spring and Summer months. 

Interior Decorators usually only take on a few clients at a time, which is why they book out so fast. The increase in demand can also drive up their fees during this time. If you do manage to engage an Interior Decorator during the Spring and Summer months, there is a high chance the project will not be completed prior to Christmas.

Take advantage of the cooler months, when many are in hibernation, to engage an Interior Decorator. The project has a much higher chance of being completed pre Christmas, and you may even find a reduction in fees if the Designer has less projects on.

When is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator?

So, when is the best time to hire an Interior Decorator?

The Winter months are therefore the best time to hire an Interior Decorator. It may seem like Christmas is a long way off, and you are not thinking about your festive plans just yet, however the second half of the year tends to fly by faster than the first half, and before you know it you will be wishing you started that decoration project in Winter. 

If you are unsure about timing for your project, and need a friendly chat to help you work out when to start on your project, you can book an obligation free clarity call to discuss with a professional. 

Or if you know you need to start now, but are wondering how much it will cost to engage an Interior Decorator, you can find out more about the costs involved here.

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