Interior Designer Costs: How do Designers charge their fees?

Over the past two years Australians have swapped sipping cocktails in bars to creating their own at home, while bingeing their favourite Netflix series.  At times the swap has been mandated, while other times people are simply choosing to stay home more. With all this increased time in our humble abodes, it is important to ask, Is your home uplifting your mood, or is it bringing you down?

If you answered the latter, you home could benefit from some strategic interior design and decoration. The number one goal of interior design is to enhance your life. A common misconception about Interior Designers is that they are expensive and can only be afforded by the rich and famous *Cue Khloe Kardashian’s icon home designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard*.

While Interior Design is a luxury service, I am here to tell you that anyone can afford the services of an Interior Designer. Here is what to expect when working with Tone & Texture Interior Design, and how much it will cost you.


Your first step towards achieving a beautiful interior is a phone call. This 15-minute session is completely free, and it’s beneficial to both of us.

During this chat, I will find out about your project, and determine how I am able to assist you. Key factors here are what you are trying to achieve, your budget, location and timeline. These factors will impact how my assistance will be structured.


If location allows, I will come to your house for one of two reasons, as decided by the initial call we have. On one hand, I could be there to give on-the-spot advice about what to do with the space. Otherwise, I will come to learn more about you, the project at hand, and the vision you have to assist further.

Either way, this in-depth consultation costs $275, including GST. If you’d prefer to meet via Zoom, the cost lowers to $225, including GST. (If you proceed with designs from Tone & Texture Interior Design, this number will be subtracted from the overall design fees described in the next section, so the consultation will be free in the end.)

This cost includes a 90-minute meeting. It also covers the designer’s travel within 20 kilometers from CBD.

If you are on a lower budget and are a bit of a DIYer – then investing in the initial consult alone may be all you require. It is important to be prepared for this consult, to ensure you get the most out of the time we have together.

Prioritizing rooms and breaking your project into stages is another way designer fees can become more affordable.


After the in-person or Zoom consultation, you will receive a proposal for the project. This scope of works will list every service and item that the design will require.

The proposal will include an estimation of how many hours the project will take. That number, multiplied by my hourly fee ($130 plus GST as at January 2022) will show you how much the designs will cost.

As the proposal is so detailed, starting with the consult is the only way to determine how much the project will cost. There will always be factors that you have not considered that we will uncover during the process.

For purchase and installation, we offer flexible options. For a more budget friendly option, you work from the detailed excel schedule to purchase all items yourself. Other clients prefer a full white glove service, where all the purchasing is arranged on your behalf including co-ordinating all deliveries and any trades required. Large deliveries require direct delivery, while we store all smaller items and install these on one day, reducing the disruption to you.

A benefit of working with Tone & Texture Interior Design is receiving discounts off RRP at select suppliers. Large items such as sofas, chairs and tables give you the largest savings, while small décor items generally do not provide discounts. Depending on the project, these discounts have the potential to cover all the designer fees.


After your initial consult you will have a better understanding of the process and will be provided with a full quote and scope of works tailored to your project. The first step to finding out how much it will cost is a free 15-minute chat.

I look forward to learning about your project and helping you create a beautiful space that you enjoy spending time in.

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