Debrief of the 2023 Dulux Colour Awards

The winners of the 2023 Dulux Colour Awards have been shown across social media everywhere. If you’ve been on a social media ban, here is what you missed. A panel of design professionals judged applicants based on how the colour/s selected enhanced and transformed the project through innovation and creativity. While we were delighted to see the winners, we thought it would be nice to share with you some finalists that we were most inspired by, no shade on the winners of course.

Lilac Linen by Sally Caroline

Whether it is the soft lilac dining table, or a shade of white on the walls enabling this fabulous residential project to be entered into the Dulux 2023 Colour Awards, either way, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The true statement of this project is the impressive Island bench, giving a multitude of colours embodied in the natural stone to play with throughout the rest of the spaces.

Lilac Linen

A striking and bold strong bodied kitchen island is the focus of this open plan space. Paired neatly with neutral tones, the layers of texture give the space warmth. An absolute dream sophisticated feminine interior.

Dulwich House by Georgie Shepherd

Just when I thought I had seen all the curves a kitchen can handle, this asymmetrical project pops up. A curved island with feature support pole on one side, offset cooktop and above counter joinery. On paper this design should look off, however the design has been pulled together with soft contrast and an overall greige colour palette. You remember greige, the love child of grey and beige. Strip lighting on the shelves faces up rather than down and a slanted pendant light makes the space intriguing for the eye.

Georgie Shepherd

The void below the bench on the right side is offset by the above counter joinery, creating balance.

Insight Body and Mind by Biasol Studio

With a commendation in the Commercial Interior Category, Biasol Studio is the creative mind behind the Holistic wellness centre, Insight Body and Mind. A muted and earthy colour palette sees shades of grey to deep teal to warm beiges, with a subtle apricot undertone, which evolve throughout the space.

2023 Dulux Colour Awards

Standout marble slabs carved with soft curves in earthy tones spark visual interest in a neutral interior.

The incorporation of a sexy slim shaker profile adds depth to the cabinetry doors.

2023 Dulux Colour Awards

A terrazzo crazy pave look for the flooring pulls all the earthy Dulux tones used through the project together.

While the Dulux 2023 Colour Award judges are focused solely on Dulux colours, our appreciation of these above mentioned projects has come from all elements and materials used throughout the designs. 

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