The top 5 reasons to hire a professional Interior Designer

You thought it would be easy, didn’t you?

A few hours of inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest and – voila – you have a brand new design for your home.

Only, it didn’t quite work out the way you planned. And after hundreds of dollars and no small amount of effort, your home looks very little like the aspirational vision in your head.

This alone should answer your questions as to why smart people use an interior designer, and why these artists’ skills are very much in demand.

Here are five irrefutable reasons why hiring an interior designer is the best decision you can make for your home (and your wallet).


An eye for detail, a creative mind, and an innate understanding of how things fit together; these are the qualities of an excellent interior designer. Their talent lies in translating your thoughts and ideas into beautiful and cohesive designs in ways you may have never imagined.

The right designer will take what’s feasible with your space and budget, factor in your lifestyle, and make your vision a striking reality. You will be left with a truly unique space that reflects your personality and offers what you want – and what you need.


However, interior design is more than simply making things beautiful.

It may be that we don’t have the budget to achieve our decor plans right away. After all, finding and purchasing the pieces that we need to complete our puzzle can take time.

A flexible designer can build a “design plan” that adapts to what you want while also providing some guidance for initial selections and cost considerations. With this blueprint, you can make purchases and changes as your budget allows.


We’ve all made impulsive decisions and spent good money on a white elephant. Advice from your interior designer helps you to circumvent these tripwires and make smart choices. When we have a clear vision, it’s much easier to filter out poor choices and focus on the right design, colour, shape, or size.

Interior designers will cost you money, certainly. But they will also save you from the false economy of making the wrong decisions when you’re shooting for a particular look and feel in your home.

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Aside from their artistic flair, interior designers understand the granular aspects of creating a head-turning space. From planning the logistics of overhauling a room to hiring the right contractors to do the heavy lifting, interior decorators manage the to-do list and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

The majority of us aren’t particularly knowledgeable about interior design, building work, or home renovation. And we shouldn’t have to be. These are specialist fields in which a professional home decorator in Brisbane is trained to understand potential obstacles and manage all the moving parts of complicated projects.


There’s absolutely no doubt that your interior design choices can either increase or decrease the value of your home. Qualified, professional interior designers can devise spaces that show off the best features of a room. They can create a mood for the home and craft an aspirational space to wow potential buyers.

They understand which aspects of a property carry the most value and how to maximise their impact for the biggest return on investment. Furthermore, your interior designer will be able to guide you on the materials and finishes that will appeal to the largest number of buyers.

Find Your Interior Designer in Brisbane

Making use of an interior designer allows you to harness the trained eye, the creative genius, and the professional opinion of someone who knows best. They easily combine the practical and the emotional elements of your property to bring out the soul of your home.

What’s not to love?

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring an interior designer in Brisbane, we’d like to encourage you to enjoy a free phone consultation to put you on the right path.

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